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Welcome to Foody

Foody takes care of the lengthy cooking process, giving customers free time to do what they love.

Our story

Foody was created in 2020 when, being locked at home due to the pandemic, we realized how much time the kitchen actually takes from a person's life. Further studies have shown that the average person spends 18 years of his life in the kitchen.

Realizing that because of these 18 years, many important areas of our lives suffer, we offer our solution to the problem of saving time: semi-prepared food from quality raw materials. Foody values your time and the need to consume quality food.

Our mission

Our mission is to share the kitchen responsibilities of our customers and give them time for self-development, career, self-care, family and children.

Our kitchen

We deliver ready and semi-prepared meals.

You bring the food to the final form, in accordance with the instructions developed by us.

Our benefits

We use quality raw materials

We prepare food from local, high-quality raw materials.

We guarantee quality

We employ only skilled and experienced chefs who ensure high standards of quality and various bright flavors.

We value time

Preparation with Foody will take a few minutes, and the preparatory work has already been done.

Our chefs

Rostom Boghosyan


A chef, he has 18 years of experience in the field of cooking. He was born in Syria in the family of a cook. He studied cooking from the age of 13. He is a specialist in Eastern, European and Armenian cuisines.

Hovhannes Mkrtchyan


He took up the position of a cook for the first time at the age of 23, in Ukraine. He is a specialist in Armenian, European and Russian cuisines. He is the founder of the first Armenian kitchen in Dubai.

Gevorg Sanosyan


Cook, has 12 years of work experience. He likes to create in the kitchen and get new, bright flavors. After taking cooking courses, he worked in many kitchens and became proficient in all areas of cooking. He is an experienced specialist of Spanish, Italian and Armenian cuisines.

Hrachya Torosyan


Chef, 19 years in the kitchen. He loved cooking since childhood, which led him to choose his profession. He studied cooking both in Gyumri and Yerevan. He is also a certified specialist by the Yeremyan Academy in Armenia. He is a specialist in Italian, Armenian and Russian cuisines.

Cooking process

Quality standards

Raw materials

We attach great importance to the selection of suppliers and test the raw materials before using them in production. We use only local manufacturers and build long-term stable relationships with them.

Quality control

We implement quality control at all stages of production. Before delivering the food to the customer, it is carefully checked for compliance with the standards we set.

Storage conditions

It is also our responsibility to ensure that food is properly stored in our consumer's home. Because we sell food that needs to be prepared at home, we also provide for food storage conditions. On the packaging of each dish there is information about the conditions of its storage.


Vacuum bags made of food-grade plastic and free of hazardous elements are used for food packaging. We use recycled paper bags for the outer packaging. The Eurasian Economic Union has declared compliance with the requirements "on packaging safety".


Following the correct schedule for processing and preparing orders, delivery is carried out as quickly as possible. During delivery, the packages are stored in special boxes that prevent contact with air and maintain the correct temperature of the products.


Quality is the most important thing for us. All our dishes are documented, passed laboratory examination and declared by the Eurasian Economic Union.

Frequently asked Questions

Foody offers semi-prepared and ready meals. Semi-prepared does not mean frozen, our food is prepared according to orders and delivered fresh. A semi-finished dish needs only to be prepared, brought to the final form in accordance with the specially indicated instructions.

All dishes are semi-prepared, except for soups and salads. Soups only need to be warmed up and, if necessary, mixed with additives (greens, garlic, crackers, etc.). Salads should only be transferred to a plate and mixed with sauce.

Yes, all of our meals can be refrigerated and are not intended for immediate consumption. The acceptable shelf life of foodstuffs depends on their type. All dishes are indicated conditions and terms of storage, they can vary from 3 to 10 days. The specified storage conditions must be strictly observed.

Each dish briefly describes how the dish was prepared. In addition to soups and salads, you can see QR codes on other dishes. By scanning the QR code, you will see a video about the cooking process. We recommend cooking according to our video instructions to get the taste and quality calculated by our chefs.

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