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Kurkut 500 g

Kurkut made with Kapan's recipe prepared in the oven for 12 hours.

2,900 ֏

500 g

Grilled chicken

Grilled local chicken with potatoes, garlic sauce and lavash.

4,500 ֏

Sterlet barbeque

Barbeque of quality sterlet cooked on charcoal.

14,000 ֏

Zaatar bread 1 piece(s)

Aromatic and very tasty Zaatar bread.

1,750 ֏

1 piece(s)

Pizza pepperoni jalapeno cheese crust 30 sm

Spicy jalapeno, fresh pepperoni and mozzarella on a thin crust with cheesy edges.

3,300 ֏

30 sm

Sweet and sour chicken

Local high quality chicken made with sweet and sour sauce, colorful peppers and onions.

1,600 ֏

Ishli kufta 1 piece(s)

Kufta from local beef with walnuts.

550 ֏

1 piece(s)

Spicy Chicken Wings Barbeque

Juicy barbeque of spicy chicken wings with buffalo sauce.

2,100 ֏

Trout fillet 400 g

Trout fillet with wholesome vegetables, completely pitted.

3,900 ֏

400 g

Hummus 200 g

Тhe most favorite salad of the eastern kitchen. With nutmeg, matsun and tahini.

900 ֏

200 g

Lunch with pork iki bir

Juicy pork iki bir from the best local meat and grilled potatoes.

1,900 ֏

Кhavurma (tehaal) sandwich

Delicious sandwich with khavurma (tehaal) and potatoes.

1,800 ֏

Mexicano (spicy)

Mexican sandwich with chicken breast and spicy pepper.

1,600 ֏

Tzhvzhik 300 g

A delicious dish of Armenian cuisine made from high quality local beef lung.

2,150 ֏

300 g

Chicken Kebab 1 piece(s)

Kebab made from quality local chicken meat․

1,200 ֏

1 piece(s)

Salad with Funchose 350 g

Delicious salad with colorful vegetables and local chicken

1,950 ֏

350 g

Chicken rap

Delicious rap with local chicken breast and potatoes.

1,300 ֏

Caesar Salad 350 g

Caesar salad made with local chicken and high quality parmesan cheese.

2,200 ֏

350 g

Lunch chicken steak with curry sauce 300 g

Delicious local chicken breast with curry sauce and buckwheat․

1,990 ֏

300 g

Steamed broccoli 200 g

Steamed and vitamin-rich broccoli for healthy lunches.

700 ֏

200 g

Spas 500 g

One of the most delicious and popular Armenian soups spas.

630 ֏

500 g

Veggie bowl for lent 350 g

Healthy and colorful vegetable bowl․

3,050 ֏

350 g

Sorrel soup

Delicious Armenian sorrel soup with walnuts.

790 ֏

Grilled vegetables for lent

Delicious grilled vegetables for lent.

1,200 ֏