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Vegetable wok for lent 200 g

A favorite dish of Chinese cuisine, stir-fried vegetables with soy sauce.

1,200 ֏

200 g

Read beans soup

Incredibly delicious soup with read beans and walnuts.

890 ֏

Kiev cutlet with butter 1 piece(s)

The most delicious Kiev cutlet made with fresh local chicken and high-quality butter.

800 ֏

1 piece(s)

Imeretian khachapuri

Delicious and crispy Imeretian khachapuri with stretchy cheese.

1,900 ֏

Salad tropicana

Salad with the flavors of chicken breast, avocado and orange.

2,300 ֏

Apple strudel 1 piece(s)

Delicious strudel made with high-quality butter and apples.

990 ֏

1 piece(s)

Mexico salad

Mexican dish with beef, arugula and balsamic souse.

2,800 ֏

Salad with tuna

Tuna fish, kornishon and lime for lovers of specific flavours.

2,700 ֏

Lunch with fried potatoes and Berner sausage

Roasted rosemary potatoes and austrian Berner sausage.

2,300 ֏

Vegetable grill for lent 250 g

The most delicious and summer version of a vegetable dish.

1,300 ֏

250 g

Falafel for lent 200 g

The most delicious and crispy chickpeas balls made from vegetable raw materials.

1,200 ֏

200 g

Kiev cutlet with cheese 1 piece(s)

The most delicious Kiev cutlet made with fresh local chicken and stretchy suluguni cheese

750 ֏

1 piece(s)

Pizza 4 seasons cheese crust 30 sm

An excellent combination of 4 cheeses with cheesy edges.

3,150 ֏

30 sm

Beef and Arugula Salad 400 g

Salad from fresh beef and colorful peppers.

2,490 ֏

400 g

Lunch with mashed potatoes and Frankfurter sausage

Mashed potatoes with butter, fresh cabbage salad and Frankfurter sausage.

1,950 ֏

Lunch chicken nuggets and potatoes

Delicious rosemary roasted potatoes and crispy chicken nuggets.

1,950 ֏

Summer Salad 350 g

Summer salad with fresh cucumber and tomatoes.

990 ֏

350 g


 Armenian gentle dessert with pistachio and tahini.

890 ֏

Ghavurma Roll 500 g

Armenian folk ghavurma prepared in a more convenient way.

8,400 ֏

500 g

Apple strudel (whole)

Delicious strudel made with high-quality butter and apples.

4,900 ֏

Crepe with veal 2 piece(s)

Traditional delicious crepes with local beef.

890 ֏

2 piece(s)

Fried Mandak with eggs

The most delicious mandak with high-quality fried butter and egg.

1,850 ֏

Fusilli salad

The most delicious Italian fusilli salad with ham and cheese Parmesan.

1,750 ֏

Lunch julienne and buckwheat

Delicious buckwheat and julienne made with high quality local poultry.

2,200 ֏