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Lunch thai rice with chicken breast 300 g

Local chicken breast with delicious Thai sauce and rice․

1,750 ֏

300 g

Fried mandak for lent 300 g

Homemade mandak fried with onion.

1,650 ֏

300 g

Lunch chicken schnitzel, french fries and tabbouleh․

Schnitzel from the best local chicken and french fries.

1,950 ֏

Hummus for lent 200 g

Тhe most favorite salad of the eastern kitchen. With nutmeg and tahini.

900 ֏

200 g

Aioli 300 g

Salad of chicken breast, bacon, mushrooms and saffron sauce.

1,600 ֏

300 g

Pizza veggie for lent 30 sm

Only fresh vegetables and no meat pizza․

3,300 ֏

30 sm

Lunch chinese chicken and rice

Chinese chicken with vegetables and rice.

1,700 ֏

Avocado Salad 430 g

Fresh salad with avocado, for lovers of light flavors.

1,700 ֏

430 g

Greek Salad 430 g

A light and beloved Greek salad with olives and feta cheese.

1,300 ֏

430 g

Royal omelette 300 g

Omelet with a delicious combination of bacon and colored peppers.

1,650 ֏

300 g

Potato skewers for lent

Potatoes on skewers․The best addition to barbecue.

500 ֏

Omelette with tomatoes 300 g

Omelet with tomatoes made with the best Armenian recipe.

1,400 ֏

300 g

Omelet with ham and cheese 300 g

Delicious omelette with ham and stretchy mozzarella.

1,550 ֏

300 g

Lunch roast pork with pesto sauce and mashed potatoes 400 g

Grilled pork with delicious pesto sauce and mashed potatoes with butter.

2,450 ֏

400 g

Mushroom Barbeque for lent 200 g

Delicious mushrooms on skewers with greens.

990 ֏

200 g

Lunch tjvjik and mashed potatoes

Tjvjik made with the best local meat and mashed potatoes.

1,990 ֏

Lunch with kurkut

Syunik kurkut with local beef and salad tzatziki.

2,250 ֏

Lunch mashed potatoes and shish tauk

Juicy shish tauk, mashed potatoes and vitamin salad․

1,650 ֏

Lunch fajita

Fajita made with local chicken, eastern pilaf and fresh vitamin salad.

2,100 ֏

Lunch with chicken cutlet and eastern pilaf

Local chicken cutlets and eastern pilaf with salad.

1,400 ֏

Caprese Salad 350 g

Italian Caprese salad with a delicate combination of tomatoes and mozzarella.

1,800 ֏

350 g

Homemade soup with chicken and tarragon

Soup with special taste of greens, chicken and tarragon.

1,250 ֏

Lunch buckwheat and shish-tauk g

Juicy shish tauk, buckwheat and cabbage salad.

1,300 ֏


Lunch with chicken cutlet and Korean salad g

Local chicken cutlet, mashed potatoes and Korean salad.

1,000 ֏